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Remodeling and New Construction Frequently Ask Questions

Q. How many construction and remodeling projects do you complete each year?
A. We build approximately 10-12 new construction homes and complete approximately 30 remodels, including bathrooms, kitchens, basements, additions, windows, decks, exteriors and much more.

Q. How big/small are projects you will accept?
A. Nothing is too small/big. We build or remodel anything from installing a simple door to building million-dollar custom homes.

Q. May I talk to some of your previous customers about the work you did for them?
A. We will be glad to refer you to some of our past customers upon request.

Q. How long are your estimates valid?
A. In most cases, our estimates are valid for 90 days before a new estimate would need to be completed.

Q. Are you insured to cover worker's compensation, property damage, and personal liability in case of an accident?
A. We have $1 million for each occurrence and $2 million General Aggregate.

Q. Will there be a preconstruction conference?
A. YES! Our Project Manager and any needed subcontractors will meet at your home to go over the construction/remodeling project.

Q. How much of the work will be subcontracted and how regularly do these subs work with you?
A. We hire trade professional subcontractors for Electrical, HVAC and Plumbing. Other work may occasionally be sub contracted as needed. But we have many staffed employee's that share our same goals of customer satisfaction and quality. This helps the project stay on schedule and assures that the professional level of quality is upheld.

Q. Will a Project Manager check on the job every day?
A. We attempt every day to be in contact with you; to always keep you informed and updated on the progress of your project.

Q. Who will be my contact during the job and how regularly will I have access to him?
A. Arlen Brekke will be your main contact. We always try to be available throughout the day, and are committed to returning your calls promptly.

Q. How do you ensure minimal disruption to the home during the project?
A. When you're remodeling, you're living right in the middle of a construction site. This can be very disruptive, turning your normal routines upside down. We will try to work around your needs the best that we can. We will also keep you informed on what to expect every day, so you know and can plan accordingly. Knowing you are living amidst the remodeling, we are always courteous and respectful around your home.

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